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Private Lessons



The biggest reason to choose our private lessons is the personal attention each student receives.  A private lesson is dedicated to the student, whereby the teacher tailors the lesson and their approach to the student's strengths and weaknesses. For more advanced students, private lessons can take them beyond the notes and basics, into true artistry.  


Our teachers are able to inspire, help select music that best exemplifies the student's abilities, and guide students to discover the natural flow and balance in music. Compared to group lessons, private lessons require a high degree of personal responsibility and concentration. Without the supportive environment of a group class, successful students and families should commit themselves to regular practice and self-reflection.

the instruments we teach

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private piano lessons

Recommended Age: 5+

Duration: 30+ minutes

The piano is one of few instruments that can provide both melody and harmony, and therefore can be played on its own, without any accompaniment. As a result, the piano is one of the most versatile instruments to learn, and provides a good stepping stone to other, more challenging, instruments.

Mastering the piano requires a tremendous amount of co-ordination and concentration., but the study of music is an extension of the learning process so children who excel at piano playing often do well at school too.


Recommended Age: 7+

Duration: 30+ minutes

The guitar spans a huge range of musical styles – from classical to country music, from flamenco to jazz and rock. That’s why the guitar is one of the more popular musical instruments in use today. Whether you’d like to try classical, acoustic, electric, flamenco, ukulele  or the bass, we’ve got you covered.


Your teacher will help you in choosing the right guitar, develop an individualized program, and support you as you master this instrument

private guitar lessons
private vocal lessons

Recommended Age: 6+

Duration: 30+ minutes

Our talented teachers are renowned singers who can help you find the right pitch, maintain the right posture and rhythm, and most importantly, make sure you maintain good vocal health.

Vocal classes are famous for helping students gain confidence on stage and releasing tension. We highly recommend to pair vocals with another musical instrument, particularly the guitar or piano. Practicing with another instrument can help you read notes, keep in tune, as well as provide instrumental accompaniment.


Recommended Age: 7+

Duration: 30+ minutes

Percussion instruments are a crowd favourite.  No band is complete without the presence of the drummer!


Learning to play the drums develops a child’s sense of rhythm, hand/eye coordination, and (let’s be honest) just looks cool!  Our drummers are an invaluable addition to any band they may choose to join as they progress.

private drum lessons
private saxaphone lesson
Woodwind & Brass

Recommended Age: 9+

Duration: 30+ minutes

Wind instruments are widely used in band and symphony orchestras playing a big role in all styles of music and these are really fun instruments to learn.


We are thrilled to offer instruction in: Recorder, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone.


Although we are happy to accommodate any child who wishes to play these instruments, the physical demands of these instruments generally favour students who are 10 years old or older.

Bowed Strings

Recommended Age: 5+

Duration: 30+ minutes

Violins, violas, and cellos, are beautiful instruments that require focus and determination to master.  The goal of our teachers is to keep our students inspired, engaged and motivated until success is in your grasp!

We ensure that students are properly set up at the beginning, as posture, positioning and stance can be a make or break factor in whether one continues with the violin. Likewise, we ensure that the songs and styles that we teach are tailored to the individual's goals, interests and aspirations.

private violin lesson
Our Royal Conservatory of Music Program

Wonder School of Music and Arts recommends and encourages their students to participate in The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) curriculum - one of the best designed and most comprehensive music programs in the world.

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